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Kansallinen Liiga

Name of the game is football

Women’s League is now Subway Kansallinen Liiga

We believe in a modern top-level sport. We believe that football, as sports overall, can be at its strongest when everyone is allowed to take part – no matter their gender, skin colour, religion or sexual orientation. We believe that high performance sports should be based on wholesomeness, values and modernity. It is full of emotions, meaning and passion.

One game can remind us of the finest qualities people have. How we feel and defend our owns, how we rejoice together, share frustrations, and how, no matter what, we respect each other.

None of this belongs to one gender. Football is for everyone, as it is everyone’s right to try their best in reaching the top of the game. This is what we believe in.

This is Subway Kansallinen Liiga.

Our values

The values created together with clubs and players form the core of Kansallinen Liiga. These values serve as a strong backbone and guideline in everything we do.


Football belongs to everyone. It is everyone’s right to try their best in reaching the top of the game.

Will to success

We are ambitious. We aim high. We work every day in order to be even better tomorrow than we were today.


We dare to try and dream, test new things and change the world. We dare to shine and set an example for those who want to shine in the future.

For media

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Heidi Pihlaja
Head of Women’s Football Development
+358 40 843 2370